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CamOscura by Mannicode

A website is far more than just the tech.  It depends on beautiful visuals and captivating images and videos.  CamOscura is a new service by Mannicode to create an end-to-end experience creating a website for your business, blog, or personal use that is complete.

See our portfolio pages to see the type of images you could have on your site!


Carlo Mannino

Photography has always been a passion for me.  The first "grown-up" present I remember getting was a small 110-film format camera that had belonged to my grandfather in the 1970's.  Memories have always fascinated me, and I become obsessed with capturing every instant around me. 


My parents quickly tired of buying more and more film, so they were very relieved when I finally gained access to my school's dark room and - most importantly - free photography materials.

Although I spent the better part of high school in that red light, I eventually moved on to digital photography with my first DSLR - a Canon T2i.  It was with this camera that I discovered the power of photography to remember, but to inspire emotions and to distill the essence of a moment in time.  I now use a Sony a7iii mirrorless setup for my pictures.


The power of photography to not only capture the beauty around us, but to create art and wonder, continues to fascinate me to this day.

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